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Fluorescent Light Covers

Our light lens covers are safe and colorful film inserts that replace the harsh fluorescent light which radiates from your light diffuser. Choose from our many collections such as clouds, ocean, astronomy, trees and many more! You can even create custom designs by choosing a solid pantone color or using your own images.

Why Choose Us


We use the highest quality images and backlit film possible when creating our light covers.


We offer the lowest prices on decorative light covers while still providing a higher quality product than our competition.

Ease of Use

Our light covers are simple to install and replace. All you need in most cases is a ladder.

Our Approach

Selection of Images
Customer Service
Fast Shipping


From decorative light covers to solar lighting and new technology, we enjoy everything about lighting. Check out our most recent posts below.

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The sun is the source of all life on this blue planet we call home. Radiation from the sun, also known as sunlight, is actually a mix of electromagnetic waves that include infrared rays (IR) as well as ultraviolet rays (UV). The adverse health effects of UV rays are well documented. They are known to […]

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Types of Fluorescent Light Covers

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Fluorescent lights have long been the lighting of choice for the commercial work space environment. They are extremely bright, energy-efficient and durable, yet they pose a threat to your safety and the safety of your coworkers. Along with those productivity-inspiring rays is a unhealthy dose of UV radiation, the same kind produced by the sun […]