Octo Lights Fluorescent Light Covers

We are dedicated to bringing the highest quality fluorescent light covers to your home, business or school.

fluorescent light covers

Our Images

We use the highest quality megapixel images to insure you receive beautiful fluorescent light covers. We purchase some images from third party vendors, but we pride ourselves on providing you with original light lens images by employing our own staff photographers.

Our Backlit Material

The light lens material is a heavy weight front print backlit film that provides excellent pigment and dye image quality. With a heavy-weight durable polyester Duratrans©-like support, this film offers excellent print handling and finishing characteristics and exceptional color saturation.


Our backlit material is a safe self extinguishing material. All of the details can be found here. pdf

Significance and Use

This test method is intended to provide only comparative measurements of surface flame spread and smoke density measurements with that of select grade red oak and fiber-cement board surfaces under the specific fire exposure conditions described herein. This test method exposes a nominal 24-ft (7.32-m) long by 20-in. (508-mm) wide specimen to a controlled air flow and flaming fire exposure adjusted to spread the flame along the entire length of the select grade red oak specimen in 5 ½min.

This test method does not provide for the following:
Measurement of heat transmission through the tested surface.
The effect of aggravated flame spread behavior of an assembly resulting from the proximity of combustible walls and ceilings.
Classifying or defining a material as noncombustible, by means of a flame spread index by itself.

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