Lighting and Children – Does it make a behavior difference?

Everyone single person has  been inside a classroom whether it was for elementary school, middle school, high school, or college.  The hum of the fluorescent lights overhead gives each one of these classrooms light, but is that all that the fluorescent lighting is doing or is it doing something else as well?  Could the fluorescent lighting be doing something to children?  This is the question that educational experts and researchers have been asking for a long time, could fluorescent lighting be affecting the way a child is behaving in school?  Is the fluorescent lighting making the children hyperactive? What about children with special needs like autism?  Perhaps it is time to consider these questions and more.

Why is it that fluorescent lighting is used in classrooms everywhere?  The answer is that fluorescent lighting uses a lot less energy than regular light bulbs, and it has also been proven that because fluorescent lights use long tubes they tend to last a lot longer, as much as twenty to twenty five times longer.    Schools choose to use fluorescent lighting because it saves them on those huge electric bills and they don’t have to be constantly changing out light bulbs.  Schools usually have a budget to follow and any way they can save money will help them be able to stick to that budget.  But is fluorescent lighting really worth the money they save if they are having negative effects on children’s behavior?

Whether it has been proven or not, schools everywhere will continue to use fluorescent lights, but can anything be done to help make them a better source of lighting for children?  There is an answer, decorative light covers.  Imagine a child looking up and instead of just some boring light, they see the stars at night? Or how about a beautiful sunset? Or they see a school of fish underwater swimming amongst the beautifully colored corral reefs?  Yes this is all possible with beautiful decorative light covers that will turn those boring, bland fluorescent lights into beautiful bright pieces of inspiration.  What would make a child feel more at ease like looking up and seeing a beautifully sunny day with lots of clouds that help inspire them? That’s exactly what decorative light covers do, they help a child feel more relaxed, reduce anxiety, and a calmer, happy child is a child that will get better grades in school!


  1. FernReply

    The night stars image will go into the room where children will be watching TV and sometimes sleeping for sleepovers as needed. I’ll let you know if they go to bed any sooner. Later the sky/cloud images will go over the area where we sit and work at the desktop.

  2. Drs, Morris and TaylorReply

    We purchased the sky light covers for one of our offices. We loved them so much we are ordering more for our other offices. We have received many nice compliments from the patients. They bring a warm and comforting feeling to the office. Thanks Octo lights for offering a wonderful selection of light covers.The days of boring light covers are over !

    • Octo LightsReply

      Thank you guys! And we are so happy that you love your light covers, and especially excited with the feedback from your patients. Let us know if we can do anything else for you.

  3. CarrieReply

    Are there any discounts for a teacher who would like to purchase these for a classroom? This would be my own money, not the school paying, and I have 10 lights to cover. Thanks!

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