Tree Fluorescent Light Covers

There’s something invigorating about nature that helps to uplift the senses and enables us to get our minds off stress and work for a while. Here at Octo Lights, we provide you with gorgeous nature-themed light panel covers that are guaranteed to reduce glare while they leave your visitors in awe.

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Tree Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Get ready to enjoy the beautiful and refreshing outdoors from the comfort of your own home with our modern tree decorations. Effectively stimulate creativity and boost the color palette of any space with our pretty tree fluorescent light covers.  Studies have proven that a little bit of color can enhance the mood and improve productivity and that is why a fluorescent light diffuser makes the perfect decoration. Whether you wish to install tree decorative fluorescent light diffuser panels at homes or at your workplaces, we assure you that your guests will love them.


Our tree fluorescent light covers, landscape fluorescent light covers and flower fluorescent light covers are ideal decorations for nature enthusiasts. Fresh and energetic colors present in a tree fluorescent light diffuser combined with top notch digital printing offer nothing but sheer beauty and flawless results. The tree fluorescent light covers provide a view from a unique perspective. Featuring high definition photographs of blossomed trees, these decorative covers will stimulate happy vibes and add a burst of energy wherever they are installed.

Transform any space in an instant

The vibrant colors in our tree fluorescent light covers are a treat for the eyes. Lush greens are energetic and refreshing. They symbolize growth and provide a fresh look and feel. Other pretty hues like yellows and whites symbolize purity and energy and offer a cheerful appeal. With a tree fluorescent light diffuser you can transform children bedrooms, nail salons, offices, medical clinics, dental offices and even schools in an instant. Fast-paced and stress-filled environment likes hospitals and busy offices can utilize sky tree panels for a boost in productivity and instant makeover.

Stunning tree fluorescent light covers - great value for the money

With our tree fluorescent light covers, not only will you effectively reduce glare but you’ll also give the room an even distribution of soft light. This will help you save on both costs and energy in the long run. Our tree fluorescent light covers are durable and long-lasting. They are also fairly simple to install and very low-maintenance thereby giving you great value for money.


As leaders of the lighting industry, we take pride in offering high quality fluorescent light covers at the lowest price available. We offer the lowest price guarantee for a wide range of products that is bound to give others a run for their money! We use UL certified, fire-resistant and self-extinguishable materials that make our decorative light products very safe and reliable for a variety of different applications. We strive to reduce our impact on the environment and recycle all products that do not end up being used. With an exceptional quality that is economical too, you know you’re paying for the best decorative fluorescent light diffuser panels on the market. Think you can match our quality and price with our competitors? Let us know and we’ll be happy to beat their price by 10%.

Top tips for your sky tree panels and tree decorative fluorescent light covers

  • Use your tree fluorescent light covers with white fluorescent light bulbs for optimal results.
  • We’ve got plenty of different themed designs for you to choose from so don’t forget to explore our website for inspiration. Whether you’re an aquatic lover, nature enthusiast or space freak, you’re bound to find something you love. Waterfall fluorescent light covers, flower fluorescent light covers, landscape fluorescent light covers and cloud fluorescent light covers are just a few to mention.
  • Transform an ordinary office space into something extraordinary with our stunning tree sky panels. Not only will they boost the ambience of your office but they’ll prove to be energy-efficient in the long run too.
  • Tree fluorescent light covers are a great way to provide a unique and modern touch to any space. They will make your rooms appear larger too.
  • You can use color psychology to influence the decision-making process. For e.g.; Hues of greens are refreshing and symbolize growth while yellows are energetic and cheerful.
  • We are happy to offer a money back guarantee provided that you return the products back to us within 2 weeks. You have the option to claim a full refund or exchange your light covers for a different design or size.

How to order you tree fluorescent light covers

Whether you’re looking to buy a tree fluorescent light diffuser panel, flower decorative light diffuser or an ocean decorative diffuser, the ordering process is fairly simple. Firstly, we offer a reliable payment gateway so that our customers can shop with peace of mind. Payments that we accept include MasterCard, Visa card, PayPal, Discover and American Express. We keep security and privacy as a vital concern and will not share your details with any third parties.


Our tree decorative fluorescent light covers are available in 3 standard sizes. We also provide customizable fluorescent light covers as per our customer’s demands. To place your order, select the product of your choice and choose the size from the drop down menu. You can then add the product to your shopping cart and continue shopping or proceed to the checkout. Don’t forget to review your purchase before placing your order. Keep your bank details at hand and safely pay through our secure payment gateway. It won’t be long before we get your orders ready for shipping.  Our customer service team is available around the clock and will be more than happy to address any concerns or enquiries that you have.

Unique gifts for someone special

We’ve got the perfect gifts for that someone special. Personalized decorative light covers are sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Featuring high quality photographs that are unique and memorable, you can count on our customizable range of fluorescent light covers to brighten up anyone’s day. To purchase a custom fluorescent light cover, send us a high resolution photograph that you love and our team of designers will transform it into a unique fluorescent light cover. The 3-step form on our website will guide you through the process. Don’t forget to review your order before placing your order.

Tips for making the most of your decorative fluorescent light covers:

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Whether you purchase an astronomy decorative diffuser, landscape decorative fluorescent light covers or ocean fluorescent light panels always make sure that you invest in a theme that you’re fond of.

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Decorative light covers look their best when used with white bulbs. Avoid switching up the colors of your fluorescent light bulbs to ensure that you can enjoy the true colors of your fluorescent light covers.

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Use your custom fluorescent light covers and decorative light panels to provide a modern touch to any space. It’s simple and easy on the pocket too.

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Give your guests a treat while they wait. Fluorescent light covers look spectacular in office spaces, medical clinics and dental offices where they can help relieve stress and offer a sense of calmness and positivity.

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Use astronomy kitchen light covers, cloud kitchen fluorescent light covers and many more to instantly add an exciting touch to any ordinary kitchen space.

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Bring the outdoors indoors with our wide range of themed ceiling panel designs. Use sky cloud panels to instantly brighten up the room and provide a sense of openness and calmness.

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Use astronomy drop ceiling light panels in children’s bedrooms and instantly add a fun and creative appeal. Alongside decorating the room, these light panels will also promote a sound sleep.

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Allow color psychology to help you make an informed decision. Hues of yellow relate to cheerfulness and energy, soft blues and whites are for calmness and peace, greens are refreshing and lively and pastel colors are soft on the eyes and evoke openness and relaxation.

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Always check the size of the decorative light covers before placing your order. Not only will it save you from hassle but it will also ensure that you can maximize the efficiency of the light panel covers.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your astronomy light diffusers or other decorative light covers, return them back within 2 weeks for a swift refund or exchange. We’ll be happy to offer you a full refund or you can browse our wide range of designs and opt for a different design.