Sky Ceilings: Create Stunning Cloud and Star Murals With Octo Lights

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Sky Ceilings: Create Stunning Cloud and Star Murals With Octo Lights


Sky ceilings are a wonderfully creative way to inject some fun into your space. They can be used in schools, hospitals and dentists' offices - any place where you want to create an immersive atmosphere for patients or students. There are several ways to create your sky ceiling mural.  You can paint your ceiling to look like a sky, use decorative drop ceiling tiles or use fluorescent light covers. This blog post will explore how these methods work and what you need to do them yourself!



How to Paint A Ceiling to Look Like the Sky:

A ceiling mural of clouds or a starry night sky is a creative and fun project for adults and kids alike. A sky mural will add interest to a plain ceiling, while also creating an environment that is suitable for certain areas such as schools and hospitals.

You'll want to start by removing all the furniture from the room and cover the floor with a dropcloth. Next, remove any light fixtures that are on the ceiling and tape around the ceiling and crown molding. You'll want to look at some samples to ensure that you have a clear sense of what you want your project to appear like.

Now that the prep work is done it's time to paint! For a cloud ceiling start with a fresh coat of light blue ceiling paint or primer. This will give you a nice calm and soothing base to work off of. Next, use a sponge to dab in your white paint and apply by dabbing the sponge on the ceiling to create your clouds. Make sure to stop along the way to check your clouds are spaced properly.

Now it's time to enjoy your freshly sky painted canopy! Be sure to check out some great tutorial videos from DIY experts as well.


Design Your Own Sky Ceilings

You can design your own unique sky ceiling with Octo Lights Light Covers! Our easy to use custom image upload tool allows you to upload your own sky ceiling artwork or designs. Our light covers easily install into your existing fluorescent ceiling lights, transforming them into a sky mural! Whether you are looking for a majestic sky, a forest sky mural or something more abstract like our galaxy sky ceiling light covers, we have the sky covers for you!


Decorative Drop Ceiling Tiles

If you want sky ceilings in your space but don't want to go through the hassle of installing one, decorative drop ceiling tiles are a great option. Decorative drop ceiling tiles come with designs and prints on them that make it look like they're cloud-like formations. It's easy to replace just remove your current acoustic ones and replace them with printable ones that have sky-like designs on them. You can also combine decorative drop ceiling tiles to make murals as well depending on your space and the look you want for it. This is a great option for hospital waiting rooms, school cafeteria, dentist office lobby's and more!

Create Artificial Skylights in Your Ceiling

Did you know that you could turn your ordinary fluorescent lights into artificial skylights? With Octo Lights sky-like fluorescent light covers, you can quickly and easily create artificial skylights in your ceiling. Octo Lights fluorescent light covers block harmful blue light and UV light from your fluorescent lights. A great addition to any office, you will love the effect created by looking up and seeing beautiful sky scapes. It's just like bringing the outdoors inside!


Star Vs. Cloud Sky Ceiling: Which is Right for You?

Trying to decide on what sky ceiling to get for your place?

Cloud sky ceilings are great for creating a bright cheery atmosphere. They also make you feel calm and soothing. Clouds are great for schools, classrooms, hospitals and more. Star murals are beautiful as well. They are typically used more in sensory rooms or in patient treatment rooms. Stars do a better job of reducing the stimuli so that people can relax while receiving medical treatment such as massages, CT Scans, physical therapy etc.

Whatever scenic mural you choose, be assured that it will wow your customer, patients and guests.


If you want to bring some imagination into your space, sky ceilings are the perfect way. They can be used in schools, hospitals and dentists’ offices - any place where you want to create an immersive atmosphere for patients or students. There are several ways to make a sky ceiling mural; this blog post explores how these methods work and what you need to do them yourself! Do you have one of those creative spaces that needs something extra? Design yours now with our help! Contact us today.

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