Sky Panels: Using Sky LED Light Panels in Your home

fluorescent-light-coversSky panels can be used anywhere in your home where you have fluorescent light covers or LED light panels on your ceiling. Both LED and fluorescent light can be very harsh, particularly LED lights which are more directed than fluorescent lamps. Both are now commonly used in domestic kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms due to their economical use of electrical power. However, they must generally be used with diffuser panels to offer general room lighting.


LED Light Panels  and Blue Summer Skies

This raises a problem. Diffuser panels, usually of frosted glass or something similar, is very plain. They do not have the look of decorative lighting units, or even chandeliers, and can be very plain and garish. This is where sky panels can make all the difference.


Sky panels are designed to fit to standard-sized domestic LED or fluorescent light covers. They are easy to fit, and are printed with photographs of various scenes of blue sky and white clouds. There are other designs available, showing the night sky with stars and constellations.  However, the most popular sky ceiling panels are those of blue summer skies enhanced with fluffy cumulus clouds.


Reasons for the Popularity of Sky Panels

Why are such sky LED light panels so popular and different?  Why is it that that so many people are now using them to decorate their ceilings? Some people even redesign the entire decorative style of the room to suit them?  There are a several reasons, the more common of which are:


  • They provide an alternative to a plain matte white diffuser panel that offers nothing to your home decor.
  • They enhance the appeal of your room, adding another dimension when the ceiling is normally an unremarkable component of your home decor.
  • They provide a topic of conversation.
  • They increase the apparent height of your ceiling: many use them on low ceilings because of this. Nothing is better to add height to a low ceiling that to gaze up into the sky and clouds. Sky panels enable you to do this – or seem to!
  • They are genuine photographs taken by our own photographers, so there is nothing false about them.
  • You can change them as you please, switching from various daylight sky views, or even to night views of the stars.
  • They are inexpensive and very easy to fit.


Fluorescent Light Covers in Schools and Hospitals

Although many use sky LED light panels and fluorescent light covers in their homes, schools and hospitals have also started using them.  They provide a more peaceful form of ambience than the harsh glare of ordinary fluorescent and LED lighting systems.


Sky panels can make a big difference to the appeal of your home: not just to impress visitors, but to help you, yourself, to relax. Harsh lighting is known to keep people on edge, but sky fluorescent light panels and LED light covers have a calming and soothing influence.


  1. Joe MadaioReply

    How do the sky covers attach to our 2 x 4 foot fluorescent lights?

    How much does each covering cost and is there a discount for ordering a certain number?

    How long are the coverings supposed to last and what are they made of?

    • Octo LightsReply


      Our light covers are simple to install. All you have to do is lie them on top of the current light diffuser in place and you’re done.

      The light covers are $29.99 each, we do offer special promos throughout the year, usually in our monthly newsletter ( or you can contact us at with your quantity and we will see what we can do for you.

      The light covers are made from a self-extinguishable material, UL certified, and usually lasts 4-5 years depending on which colors are in the light cover and the time exposed to the fluorescent bulbs. We also use a special UV ink to help the longevity of our light cover.

      If you have any other questions please feel free to call or email.

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