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You can advertise by using fluorescent light covers in the reception area of your office. Most businesses have a visitor room or a reception area in their office building. This is the ideal place to focus on advertising to visitors to the business. You often see product samples or examples of the work that business is involved in. This is an ideal place for fluorescent light covers.

The lighting in most modern offices is provided by means fluorescent tubes or LED lamps set behind diffuser panels. This is an ideal setup for advertising using fluorescent plight covers. They are easy to fit and you can choose from our standard range or you can use photographs of your own products. These covers are available in most of the regular sizes of such panels – 2 x 4 feet, 2 x 2 feet or 1 x 4 ft.

Fluorescent Light Covers For Promotions

Most reception visitors have to hang around for a while after announcing their arrival. Very rarely does the person they have to visit arrive immediately. Why waste that time? Many businesses have company leaflets or brochures in reception while other show photographs of their products on the walls. If the products are small, sample might be displayed in glass cabinets.

However, glass cabinets are not suitable for larger types of product, and photographs will have to do. Why not jazz these photos up and give them a greater impact? Slip them above the diffuser panels that lie below the light tubes or LED lamps. They will then be backlit by the lighting and present a far more impressive display of your products or even existing promotions than just photographs and leaflets How is this done? Easily!

How Fluorescent Light Covers Are Made

Custom fluorescent light covers can be easily made for you. All you need to do is to take a few photographs of selected products and then email them to Octo Lights in any of ai, .jpg, .eps, .tif, and .psd. formats. Let us know your preferred size from those above and will make the light cover, also known as light lens, for you. How do we do that? Here’s how:

We take your photograph and etch each colour element onto a printing plate. We then print the image using a number of color printing stations to faithfully reproduce the original colors. The images are printed onto a matte polyester film, 8-mil (0.2 mm) thick. This is thick enough to be strong yet flexible. To fit it, simply loosen a diffuser panel and slip the light cover in on top of it then replace the cover. The light will then shine through the printed film then through the diffuser panel to give a beautiful bright representation of your photograph.

Fluorescent Light Panels on Ceilings or Walls!

The photographs can be used show off your products, or even stages in their manufacture. Most office receptions will have fluorescent light panels on their ceilings. However, there’s no reason why they cannot also be fixed to the walls. This will enable you to achieve a number of different unique effects or displays. One example is to show visitors who they are about to meet.

You can take photos of your board members or staff who would reasonable be expected to receive visitors. Different photographs can be displayed every day, to show the portraits of each person awaiting a visitor. Each visitor’s name can be slipped into a slot beneath the appropriate panel to complete a very original means of introducing the company member of staff to the visitor before they actually meet.

Customers or clients like to feel appreciated and not just anonymous visitors known only to the person they are visiting. This idea will not only impress them with your ingenuity, but also make them feel appreciated – that fact that their name is presented publicly in reception. You must know your clients, however, and some might prefer to remain anonymous – or at least their companies if not them personally. Nevertheless it is just one of the unusual way in which fluorescent light covers can be used.

Various Uses For Light Lenses

Fluorescent light covers, or custom light lenses, can be used to advertise your products or services. They can also be in some unique ways such as the reception idea above. You can use them to show off your business facilities elsewhere, such as international manufacturing or sales centers.

You can use them to display the products in course of manufacture or even diplomas or certificates your business has received. Don’t forget promotions: this is good way to present promotions to visitors. Use your imagination. Most things are possible with fluorescent light covers.

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