How to Choose Decorative Light Covers For Your Business

We are Passionate about providing quality fluorescent light covers at the Lowest price available.

Octo Lights is a company that is dedicated to the environment as much as it is to our customers. We believe in maintaining a sustainable operation by committing to earth friendly practices. We firmly support the conservation of natural resources and look for ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Here are some tips on how to choose decorative light covers for your business.  The same tips apply to your home, so read on to discover how to select the ceiling light effects most suitable to you.  We say ‘ceiling light’ here, but you can equally use decorative light covers on your walls or any other flat surface.

Check Octolights Standard Range First

Your first step will be to check out our standard range of decorative light covers.  Visit our Octolights Home Page and click on ‘Decorative Light Covers’ on the top navigation bar. You can do that now because it will take to a new window so you can keep reading this.

You will then see a fantastic selection of astronomy light covers. Look to the right and will see our full range of Product Categories. Check these out as well until you come across the image, or selection of images, you would love to see up on your ceiling. Our standard range includes backlit images that are suitable for many different domestic and business uses. Continue reading to learn more about Octo business light covers.

Custom Decorative Light Covers

Click on the one you want and follow our order and payment procedure. But what is you can’t find anything you like? Maybe you would prefer one of your designs or [photographs to be used? We can that as well.

Simply click to our ‘Custom decorative light covers’ page and you will find out how to order a custom light cover and how to send us the image file. If you need help, then our team will be pleased to give you assistance.  Simple call us on (678) 383-9145 and we will discuss your needs with us.

Once have chosen your image you may be asked for the dimensions of the light cover you want. We have a number of standard sizes, but can also make decorative light covers at your own specified sizes if it is possible to do so.

Octolights Payment Methods and Returns Policy

Once everything has been agreed all you need do now is to pay. We accept PayPal, credit and debit cards, and checks or money orders. Once payment has been made we will process your order. It is all just that easy. If you are not happy with your decorative light covers then you have two weeks from delivery to select an alternative cover design or get your money back. You will never be left having to pay for Octolights decorative light covers you do not like.

So get going now – start looking for decorative light covers that you will love for your home or business. They will not only impress your visitors, but may also impress existing and prospective clients and you can easily your own images to promote your business.

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