Custom Ceiling Light Panels in Modern Home Decor

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Octo Lights is a company that is dedicated to the environment as much as it is to our customers. We believe in maintaining a sustainable operation by committing to earth friendly practices. We firmly support the conservation of natural resources and look for ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Custom ceiling light panels offer you a unique form of modern home decor. There is a tendency for people to seek something unique in their decor, not just for themselves but for visitors to their home. This is a natural human desire to give a good impression of their decorative skills and their ability to maintain a high standard of interior design in their home, particularly if they entertain a lot.

When you have visitors to your home it is right that you want to impress them, or at least create a topic of conversation for dinner or cocktail parties.  LED and fluorescent light covers enable you to achieve that. Most visitors will be thrilled with the way you have used your lighting system, and many will also be more than a little envious. Continue reading to learn about our modern home decor ideas. 

What are Custom Ceiling Light Panels?

So what are these custom ceiling light panels that we are discussing here? You obviously understand the sky & cloud panels and other decorative fluorescent light covers we offer. You can click on any of the links in our navigation bar to find more about them. How do custom ceiling light panels differ from these?

In fact, the only difference is that with custom light panels you can decide on the decoration or image you want displayed on the light cover.  Fundamentally, our regular range of sky & cloud panels are offered to any customers that wish to buy them, while our custom ceiling light panels are designed by you.

You are not restricted to our standard range of sky & cloud panels, night sky & cloud panels or our decorative panels showing images of sunsets, waterfalls, flowers or even Hubble telescope photographs of deep space. You can display your own logo up on your office ceiling, and even add your company name or images of your products.  If a client walks into your office and asks what you make, simply tell them to ‘look up!’


Stamp Your Imagination

However, it is with modern home decor that you can truly stamp you own imagination on your living room, bedroom or dining room. At less than $30 a panel of 4 x 2 ft, this is a very inexpensive way to impress your guests. The material used is a heavy durable polyester film on which your image is printed to a very high quality.

The inks are lightfast and will withstand the backlighting that enables the image to stand out in full color when you turn on your lights – to gasps of amazement from your guests as they enter your dining room.  You will need no other topic for discussion throughout the entire evening! Not just that, but because of the low price you can amaze them even further when you present a completely different effect when they visit next time.

That is because these custom ceiling light panels are actually covers for your existing LED or fluorescent light diffuser panels. They are easily attached to the panels and easily replaced with another set in a different design. Because they have been customized just for you, they can show off your own photographs. There are no restrictions on what these can be – within reason!


Print the Kids on your Decorative Light Covers!

Your smiling children can beam down on you, or you can be reminded of your favorite vacation destination every time you look up. What is printed on your custom decorative light covers is your choice. You can show your vacation in Anchorage in summer and your favorite Atlanta golf green in winter. You will likely come up with better examples than these, but they simply indicate that your LED and fluorescent light covers can be printed with any image of your choice.

Custom ceiling light panels will enable you to amaze your dinner guests and provide you with some calming nostalgia when you need it. Why look up at a glaring fluorescent or LED lamp when you can have a beautiful, peaceful photograph of your favorite view shining down upon you? Contact us on the number above or at [email protected] to arrange your own custom ceiling light panels.

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