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Custom fluorescent light covers can be used on the usual plain or frosted panels that are used with false ceilings or as part of the ceilings in your home. They can turn these panels into amazing scenes of wonder that will astonish those that gaze up on them.

Fluorescent lighting is common in kitchens, but you can have them fitted in any room in your home to create amazing decorative effects. Many people use fluorescent lighting panels in their home, but even if you do not, they are easy to install and by using custom fluorescent light covers on them you can make your ceiling look astounding!

Most people like to show off their home to visitors, and it is an innate human quality in most people to make their neighbors jealous! If you entertain a lot you will want to display your interior design skills, and your ceiling can be used to achieve this in a virtually unique way.

Before we discuss how and where custom fluorescent light panels can be used, let’s first have a look at what exactly they are and how they are made.

What Are Custom Ceiling Light Covers

If you check out the Octo Lights website, you will find a large selection of panels available to you as standard. What these are, in fact, are normal panels fitted with a film printed with the design or photograph you select. You may have seen some of our standard designs – cloudy skies, stars at night and photos of sandy beaches, sunsets, waterfalls, trees and flowers plus many more.

These are created by printing the design or photograph onto transparent film and then fixing the film onto the custom fluorescent light covers. The colorants are specially chosen to be lightfast and not fade when your fluorescent tubes shine down on them. These are our standard range – but you can also design your own.

Custom fluorescent light panels are designed by you, and we can use your own photos, designs or even drawings to print onto them. The decorative images used on your panels can be anything from your family photos to your children’s drawings. Use your imagination to create your own designs.

Imaginative Home Décor

You can use your own artistic photographic skills to create your own ceiling! Use your imagination to create a fantastic impression on people who visit your home. Create a dining room with a beautiful starry sky at night, or a daytime scene with fluffy clouds. You can even present the impression of a waterfall about to flood the room.

WOW! That’s what they will say when they look up! Wall lighting can be subdued for elegant dining with fabulous food, but your ceiling will suddenly appear astounding to your guests when you flick a switch. And guess what all this costs! Only less than $30 for each 4ft by 2ft panel! That’s a low price to pay for the decorative kudos your friends, neighbors and relatives will give you – unless they are jealous!

Custom Fluorescent Light Panels for Themed Rooms

Many people, particularly in the USA, theme at least one of their rooms. This is often to use their imagination in designing a room to follow their interest or hobby. It also done by some just to specifically impress their neighbors and relatives.

Examples of themed rooms are the Wild West, Ancient Egypt, Classical Rome, and other themes that offer scope for imagination in décor and furnishings. Custom fluorescent light panels can be used to supplement the theme, with depictions of a Roman galley, amphitheater or ancient Egyptian tomb shining down into the room.

It doesn’t matter what your interest or hobby is, or what theme you use for a specific room – your ceiling panels can be used to augment the theme and provide a spectacular example of your specific interest.

Custom Fluorescent Light Covers: Summary

Imagine the gasps of astonishment and wonder when your guests enter you dining room and look up at the heavens above them! Galaxies far, far away with glowing nebulae and exploding suns shining above their heads!

That is what you can achieve using custom fluorescent light covers. They come in the form of printed thick polyester sheets that can fixed to the bottom of your fluorescent light panels. Because of the backlighting, they glow and present a unique decorative accent to your home. Totally Unbeatable!!

Find out more about custom fluorescent light covers here. Alternatively, call us at (678) 383-9145 or at [email protected] to arrange your own custom ceiling light panels. You can also fill in our contact form here: Contact Octo Lights

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