Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers For Business Offices

If you could sum up your average business office in one word, that word would most certainly be ‘boring’. But why?

Fluorescent light covers for a business office could solve this issue, and then some. It's crazy to think that the one place designated for productivity and free flowing ideas would, at the same time, be the most mundane place you’ll likely ever visit. However, as crazy of an idea as it may be, it couldn’t be closer to the truth. Go into any typical business office today and you’ll see boring cubicles, grey walls and harsh fluorescent lighting in a space that is devoid of decor and visual excitement or intrigue.

If you’re an employer, this issue may seem like a small one, but you haven’t realized the negative implications a boring office can have on a worker’s productivity in the workplace. There’s a reason Google and Coca Cola have notoriously fun office spaces, it’s because they’re billion dollar corporations who demand a high level of productivity from their employees. In order for this to be achieved, employees need to be enveloped in a fun environment that is catered to their own personal interests and style.

How can you achieve this with your own business office? Do you have to be a conglomerate to do so? No you don’t, you simply have to start emphasizing a more fun work environment by implementing just a few simple upgrades throughout the office. While this surely could entail costly renovations, including new flooring, light fixtures, furniture and pricey decor items, it doesn’t have to be an expensive endeavor.



How? Well, you can try some simple and affordable upgrades; something that can transform your office into a work of art while increasing your workers’ productivity and then some. Something like decorative light covers!

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In an office setting, the use of fluorescent lighting is typically standard. This is mainly due to the fact that fluorescent bulbs are an affordable source of light, while also being significantly brighter than the average halogen bulb.

With that being said, while fluorescent lighting is clearly very functional in an office setting, it is not the most visually appealing, nor does it succeed in increasing productivity for your workers. This is why decorative light covers are the most ideal solution, as they can instantly upgrade the look and feel of an office, while at the same time, boosting your workers’ productivity levels substantially.

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For those who have never heard of fluorescent light covers in the past, the simplest way to understand these innovations in decorative lighting is to break down the way in which they are built as well as how they function.

Consisting primarily of a fluorescent light diffusing panel, light covers can display a wide array of images once they’ve been installed over any existing fluorescent light fixtures, creating an incredible effect on the eye and acting as a window with a view of a scene of your choosing.

Mainly used in homes and office settings, decorative light covers have a unique ability to transform any room into a work of art while creating an instant upgrade in visual appeal, and can sometimes even make a room appear larger (which is perfect for spaces that lack windows).

Now that you know what fluorescent light covers are, and how they function, in order to fully realize their potential for upgrading a business office, we’ll explore some of their best uses for an office setting.

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- Decorative Light Covers for Windowless Business Offices -

If your office, like many in the U.S., is unfortunate enough to be without windows, this small inconvenience could eventually have a large affect on an employee’s comfort and focus level as well as their overall productivity while at the office.

When you’re in an indoor space that is devoid of windows, this not only makes the space itself feel smaller and more claustrophobic, but without natural light -- one of the key components to staying focused and alert during the day, because (quite literally) it proves that it isn’t night time  -- your employees will feel significantly more groggy and lethargic during the work day, no matter how much caffeine sources or snacks they have at their desk. What can you do to fix this problem, without trying to install pricey windows? Use decorative light covers instead.

For instance, by installing cloud light covers from Octo Lights on your office ceiling, you will get the same effect that you would get with real skylights, without the cost or hassle. You could even try combining a few of these light covers on your business office walls to create an even larger window with a view of the gorgeous blue sky. The same effect works when you install our tree light covers as well as our landscape light covers.

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- Custom Light Covers For Your Office Workers -

While Octo Lights has an eclectic selection of ready made light covers available, we also give our customers the option to create their own, significantly opening up the realm of possibilities when it comes to decorative lighting in your office.

Custom light covers are perfect for an office setting, as you can take into account your employees’ personal styles and interests, and create light covers that perfectly reflect them as a whole. For example, try light covers that display images of your workers’ family members or favorite movie characters, and have them installed right above their cubicle. What this does is create a comforting environment for your workers, as images from their personal lives will make them feel more at-home and, thus, increase their overall enjoyment with being in the office.

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- Custom Light Covers For Your Brand -

If your goal is to carry your brand’s image throughout your business office space, then custom light covers are the ideal solution. You can create light covers that display your company’s logo, as well as images from different product lines.

You can even opt for light covers that display specific information in bold text, such as a monthly company calendar or to-do list, as well as certain deadlines in order to ensure your workers are attentive and on task throughout the work day.

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