If you’re a teacher, creating an engaging environment for your students should be at the top of your priority list.


Fluorescent light covers for schools is the ideal solution for any teacher striving to ensure a positive learning environment for their students.

After all, the classroom is the one place children associate learning with the most, which is why this space should be as inviting and educationally stimulating as possible.

With that being said, most classrooms -- even by today’s standards -- are not designed to be the most visually stimulating spaces; with drab flooring and walls (not to mention boring fluorescent lighting) teachers may find just keeping students awake during class hours to be a difficult task, let alone encouraging them to engage and listen to lectures and lessons wholeheartedly. Unfortunately, this could set students up for failure when it comes to their academics, which is something American schools simply can’t afford, as U.S. kids rank 14th worldwide when it comes to cognitive skills and educational attainment.

Check out the tweets below to see just some of the disdain kids have for bad school lighting:

i forgot how bad the lighting is in this school

— baby spice (@gnarlyssydney) August 12, 2015

The school lighting is sooo bad oh gosh

— Isela (@itsiselacampos) January 15, 2016

Let’s face it, there’s a reason why most students usually compare ‘going to class’ with ‘going to prison’, and one of the main reasons is due to the fact that the decor (or lack thereof) in both places is very much the same.


But what if you could remedy this with a simple and cost-effective solution that not only transformed your classroom into an eye-popping work of art, but also extended your educational reach with students at the same time? Well, fortunately, via an innovation in decorative lighting, there is!

- What Are Decorative Light Covers? -

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To put it simply: decorative light covers take room decor to new heights by covering existing (and dull) fluorescent lighting while instantly opening up any space in your home, office or, in this case, classroom.

Consisting primarily of a light diffusing panel that is then overlaid with an image, decorative light covers can pull of one amazing effect on the eye and are a surefire way to wow your students from the moment they step into class. For example: by installing multiple tree-themed light covers on your walls, you get the same effect as a window into an existing nature-filled scene.

Now that you know a bit more about fluorescent light covers, and how they work, you’re probably wondering what educational benefits they have. To figure this out, let’s explore the best practices for decorative light covers by each major academic subject.

- Decorative Light Covers for Astronomy Classrooms -

When it comes to studying the stars, it’s about more than just admiring the gorgeous sight these balls of dying light provide. Understanding the true nature of how stars function, and their importance to our solar system is imperative for a student's success on the subject.

This is why our astronomy light covers are the most ideal solution for not only increasing visual intrigue in the classroom, but keeping students engaged on the subject of astronomy. You can display multiple star patterns, galaxies and nebulae on your walls and ceilings in order to give your students a closer look and a better understanding of some of the most interesting phenomena in outer space.


- Decorative Light Covers for Algebra/Math Classrooms -

Statistically, math (and every related subject, for that matter) is one of the most difficult subjects for students grade school and beyond. This is why opting for something as creative and eye-catching as custom fluorescent light covers — which could display certain multiplication problems or helpful tips — could be a great way to keep your student’s minds thinking about the subject consistently.

You could even take it a step further by creating light covers that display test and exam dates, as a constant reminder that students will never forget; or give your students inspiration by using light covers that display famous mathematicians like Isaac Newton and Archimedes.

Video from Octo Lights on YouTube.

- Decorative Light Covers for Biology Classrooms -

When it comes to the studying the human body, nothing could be more complex. Students taking biology or anatomy need to be able to gain a close understanding of how the body works, including the bones, muscles, and nerves. After all, those who excel in these subjects typically go on to become doctors later in life.

In order to keep students engaged, try combining multiple custom light covers to create a larger image. This image can display the bone structure of the human body on your classroom wall or ceiling, and will give your students the opportunity to study a larger than usual diagram in order to get a better understanding of where every bone and muscle in the human body is located.


- Decorative Light Covers for History Classrooms -

If you’re teaching history, the one thing your students need in order to pass -- no matter their grade level -- is a keen sense of memorization for certain key events from the past. For instance, when you’re students are studying World War II, they should have all the important elements of the conflict in their minds throughout the school day.

You can achieve this by creating custom light covers that display images (taken from their textbooks and popular literature), quotes or other memorabilia that revolves around certain events in history. This will ensure your students always have history in mind, preparing them for future tests and exams and also works perfectly for english or literature classrooms as well.

- Where to Find Decorative Light Covers -

Known as global the leader in quality decorative light covers, Octo Lights has proudly been transforming hundreds of bedrooms, offices and classrooms into jaw dropping works of art.

We’re a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to customer service, which is why we have such raving reviews from everyone who orders a fluorescent light cover from us. Not only do we make light covers that are easy to install but our light covers are eco-friendly as well, because we only use UV-resistant, water-based ink for all of our products.

On top of offering a wide selection of ready-made light covers, we also give customers the opportunity to create their own in order to showcase their personal interests and style in any room. Creating your own light covers is quick and easy, you simply choose an image (based on our image requirements), upload it to our website and then await a link to purchase your order.

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