Are Fluorescent Light Covers Suitable For Your Home?

We are Passionate about providing quality fluorescent light covers at the Lowest price available.

Octo Lights is a company that is dedicated to the environment as much as it is to our customers. We believe in maintaining a sustainable operation by committing to earth friendly practices. We firmly support the conservation of natural resources and look for ways to lessen our impact on the environment.

Where would we be without artificial lighting? Before the creation of the modern light, people were forced to do all of their work in sunlight. When dusk rolled around, it was either start a fire or go to sleep. Just be thankful most of us have the luxury of not living like that anymore as it sure would change the way we do things quite a bit! Today, one would be hard-pressed to find a home or building that does not have at least one fluorescent, or CFL, light bulb.

Why You Should Cover Your CFLS
Due to their harsh appearance, CFLs were rarely used in residential applications. People have a natural preference for light that is warm, soft and inviting, especially in their homes. From a functional standpoint, the intensity of CFLs make them great for keeping us productive and engaged. Can you remember what it was like trying to nap in your school classroom? More than likely, it was a lot harder to do than sleeping at home.

Fortunately, you can buy specialty fluorescent light covers that help tremendously in making these types of lights more enjoyable without hindering their function. Aside from the sheer importance of shielding the volume of ultraviolet radiation that CFLs produce, these covers are also excellent for adequately dispersing light. They force the light to expand across a greater surface area, and it is this equal diffusion that makes for a more pleasant and less annoying glow.

With covers in place, you will quickly find that you no longer need additional light fixtures in the room or possibly none at all depending on the size of the space. Aesthetically, decorative covers really do bring fluorescent bulbs to life. Far from the conventional, basic plastic models that were first introduced years ago, modern fluorescent light covers come in all different color and style combinations. We have a grand selection of products at Octo Lights that are ideal for any space, be it residential or commercial. This is an affordable way to adorn your home or office in a unique lighting theme.

A few light covers could also save you a bundle on your annual energy costs. CFLs are one of the cheapest and brightest forms of artificial lighting, so when coupled with a quality cover, the resulting dispersion means fewer lights are required per room. It is not unreasonable to save up to 50 percent on your lighting expenditures!

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