How a Fluorescent Light Lens Can Brighten up Your Kitchen

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A fluorescent light lens is a sheet of flexible polyester that is  printed with a design or photograph of your choice.  Light lenses are the same as fluorescent light covers or LED light panels. There are so many different images  available in our range that you will likely find it difficult to choose the one you want.

Many people use fluorescent lighting in their kitchen. Many use just the one or two tubes, while others use several, perhaps even lowering the ceiling slightly with a bank of lighting panels. This avoids awkward dark areas and shadows while preparing food. Some use LED lamps rather than fluorescent tubes, but regardless of the light source, each can be very bright.

Fluorescent Light Panels as Light Diffusers

That’s why such ceiling lighting is fitted with frosted diffuser panels. The fluorescent light panels diffuse or spread the light more evenly. It is also much easier on the eye. You often find the same type of lighting in offices, shopping malls and hospitals. When used at home, the panel frame can be opened and a light lens  slipped inside the panel. This will be backlit and the image on the lens will be illuminated.

The only problem you have then is what type of image to use. We have a wide range – and you can also create your own. Before we explore ways of overcoming the issue of choice, let’s first have a look at how a fluorescent light lens is created. This will help you understand how your input can easily affect the design you choose.

What is a Fluorescent Light Lens?

A fluorescent light lens is not technically a lens. It does not magnify an image, but it does enhance it. The term ’fluorescent light lens’ is given to a fluorescent light cover that diffuses the light from fluorescent tube lighting. This form of lighting can be very bright. A so-called fluorescent light lens is used to make this bright light more diffuse and protect your eyes from excessive brightness.

The same is true with LED lighting. The term LED light lens is often used for a decorative LED light cover that is designed to replace the harsh intensity of LED light with a backlit image of your choice.  A diffuser panel softens the light and the light lens replaces the soft white light with a natural scene or even a photograph if you prefer. In practice, fluorescent and LED light lenses are the same thing. The same light cover is used for both types of lighting.

Fluorescent Light Covers in Home Decor

Most people using fluorescent light covers or light lenses like to use them for their potential decorative applications. You can use any image you like on them to brighten up your kitchen or any other room.  Imagine looking up to your kitchen ceiling and seeing a meteor storm up there?  What about glancing up and ducking because you think at that instant you are going to have a waterfall falling right on top of you?

Use them to have fun! You can show scenes from your family holiday, or use sky panels to show a bright blue sky with white clouds while it is dark and raining outside. Night sky scenes are also very popular.

Here at Octolights we have a wide range of standard images to choose from. If none suits you, we can make a light lens using your own image. Simply send us an image file such as a .jpg, and we will use it to create a beautiful fluorescent light lens for your kitchen ceiling – or any other room in your home.

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