Fluorescent Light Lens for Your Children’s Bedroom

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A fluorescent light lens is a printed film that is placed over a fluorescent ceiling light panel. Otherwise known as a ceiling light cover or fluorescent light cover, they come in 4ft x 2ft sizes designed to fit standard fluorescent light panels. There is a large number of designs, and they can be mixed and matched if you wish to create a unique scene on the ceiling of any room.

They come in the form of 8-mil (203 micron) printed films that are fitted over your existing panels so that the design is backlit by the fluorescent lamp and produces an amazing effect on the ceiling. You can fit one, several or even fit the entire ceiling with fluorescent light lenses to provide your kids with a beautifully stunning lighting effect that will surprise and amaze them. Continue reading to learn about our children’s bedroom lighting ideas.

Design Your Own Fluorescent Light Covers

You can design your own fluorescent light lens to suit your child’s preferences. Some kids love pets, others like pictures of fairies or cartoon characters. You can use a photograph of your child, or even photos of them each year they are growing. You can display a different photograph at each stage of their development – every panel on the ceiling can be fitted with a different image.

Use your imagination and your knowledge of your children to create a wonderful ceiling for them to gaze up at while they try to sleep. You could read stories about the characters they can see above them – or make up your own stories about them. Your kids will be enthralled and you may find it a lot easier to get them to sleep.

Fitting a Fluorescent Light Lens

Fitting a fluorescent light lens is not difficult. You are provided with a thick printed film that can be placed over the diffuser panel of existing fluorescent lighting – it is very easy to do. If you don’t have fluorescent lighting panels in your child’s bedroom, then get them installed. It’s well worth the effort, because your children will be totally delighted with the effect!

Once you have the lighting system installed, you will note that the ceiling comprises a number of diffuser panels to diffuse the harsh glare that fluorescent tubes tend to emit. It is a simple matter to unlock the frame of a panel (you may have to use a screwdriver) and then lower it. You can place your light lens over the light diffuser, flatten it down and replace the frame. Because it is not stuck to the panel, you can change the images displayed on your child’s ceiling by changing the fluorescent light lens.

Suggested Light Lens Images

Some people have several light lens images printed so they can change on a regular basis. It is very easy to do. You can use animal photos, fairies, photos of their pets and anything else you can think of, even photos of your family or your child’s drawings, so long as the image can be printed. We accept ai, .jpg, .eps, .tif, and .psd file formats, but if you have any questions then please first check out our Custom Decorative Light Covers web page.

Designing and creating a fluorescent light lens for children’s bedroom is very easy, and we will help you every step of the way.

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