Fluorescent Lighting Has Its Advantages

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Consumers have more choices today than ever before when it comes to the different types of lighting that can be used for virtually any type of indoor space. While the choices are many, one type of lighting in particular has several advantages that are worth considering: fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lighting is a unique type of electrical lighting that uses neon gas and mercury to cause a chemical reaction resulting in light being produced. This is far different than how incandescent light bulbs work. Continue reading to learn about the advantages of fluorescent lighting.

70% Less Expensive

Best of all, fluorescent lighting has cost saving advantages and several other benefits that are worth considering. This is perhaps why this kind of lighting has become so popular for homeowners today. One clear and obvious example of why fluorescent light is so popular is the fact that it is up to 70% less expensive to operate than regular lighting. As an added bonus, even with this amount of cost savings, fluorescent lighting is actually brighter. Because today’s modern homes use so much electricity dedicated to lighting this is an important consideration.

Six Times Longer

In addition, as compared to incandescent light bulbs, fluorescent bulbs last far longer. This results in less frequent replacement and another form of cost savings. Many experts in the industry have indicated that a fluorescent light tube or fluorescent bulb can last six times longer or more as compared to other types of bulbs. As another added advantage, fluorescent bulbs burn out less frequently even when they are constantly turned on and off in high use areas of a home or business. Less maintenance, less upkeep and less cost all add up to a better light bulb for homeowners.

Saving Money

Equally impressive is the fact that fluorescent lights generally do not give off any substantial amount of heat. This is useful in areas where excessive heat can cause problems or cause equipment to malfunction. There are many instances where additional heat caused by lighting can result in problems for industry, manufacturing and even in the home. While fluorescent bulbs are initially a little more expensive than other types of bulbs, they ultimately pay for themselves over the long-term. Saving money has never been easier when it comes to lighting a home or business.

Light Diffusers Come In Many Styles

Finally, turning ordinary lighting into something you can truly enjoy can be as easy as considering using fluorescent light covers. There are many different types of fluorescent light covers available today that can genuinely transform an ordinary space into something unique, memorable and intriguing. Revolutionary in many ways, fluorescent light diffusers come in a number of styles, designs and patterns. They can greatly add to the interior design of any office or home making the space more inviting and more enjoyable.

Octo Lights is a reliable and dependable source for the very best in sky panels and fluorescent light filters that are designed to enhance any type of interior.

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Once my fiance and I finally got settled into our new home, we started playing with the idea of getting an energy makeover. We like using lighting that will be good for the environment. It is nice to know that this option will help us save money as well.

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