How Lighting Can Impact Education

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There is an increasing amount of evidence that supports a connection between learning and the amount and quality of classroom light. This does not come as a surprise to us. In our many years of experience as a successful supplier of fluorescent light panels, we have come to understand the significant role that light plays in our everyday lives. Here are the four positive effects of having proper lighting in the classroom.

Improved Health

Ideal light conditions affect the physical well-being of students. In a classroom that is adequately lit, it becomes easier for students to read, take notes and follow classroom discussion and activity. With insufficient classroom lighting, students have to squint to read their books or what is written on the blackboard. This can cause eye strain, headaches and even muscle tension.

Better Academic Performance

Enhanced luminance levels in classrooms have been shown to improve student concentration. This in turn leads to better overall academic performance. Additionally, a decrease in distracting classroom behavior has also been linked to ideal light conditions in the learning environment.

With heightened concentration and non-disruptive classroom demeanor, learning is enhanced and improved. It becomes an enjoyable and productive interaction between students and teacher and among the students themselves.

Increased Alertness and Classroom Participation

An optimized lighting environment helps keep students alert and energetic throughout the school day. It fends off sleepiness and lethargy, so students are better able to participate in classroom discussions and activities. Proper lighting is an important factor in creating the ideal learning environment where students and teachers openly engage in an exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Higher Quality of Teaching

When students are eager to learn, teachers are inspired to teach. Alert students who actively participate in classroom activities and who exhibit high levels of concentration are a source of encouragement for dedicated teachers. Thus, in an indirect yet significant manner, ideal lighting conditions can positively affect teacher performance in the classroom.

It’s quite amazing to see how a simple change in lighting can have a tremendous effect on something as important as the education of the future generation.

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