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Imagine dolphins, turtles, sharks and shoals of beautifully colored tropical fish swimming about on your ceilings and your walls. Your own aquarium to thrill and delight your children! An effect to amaze your guests and that you can switch on or off as your mood dictates. Obviously, such a thing is impossible unless you are multi-millionaire. But you can have the next best thing with Octo Lights decorative light covers.

Decorative Light Covers to Thrill and Impress

You can have all that – but without the movement part of it. Decorative light covers can allow you and your family, visitors and dinner party guests to look at beautiful backlit photographs that will not only thrill and impress them but make them insanely jealous of your decorative style.

Here is what you need to create this wonderful aquarium effect in your own home.  You can do this in any room you want:  your lounge, dining room, bedrooms or even your kitchen and hall. This is a unique way to combine your home décor with lighting.  

All You Need to Create Amazing Ceiling Decor

  1. First, you need the lighting. You can use any existing fluorescent lighting tubes or banks of LED lights. If you don’t already have these, then they can be installed in any room in your home. LED and fluorescent tubes or lamps can be fitted to your ceiling and then covered with aluminum frames fitted with light diffuser panels. These diffuse the light to reduce the glare and provide an even level of lighting. They can also be fitted to your walls!
  2. Then you need the Octo Lights decorative light covers. These can be placed between the light sources and the diffuser panels. When the lights are on, the images on the light covers are backlit and display a brightly lit ocean scene. The result is amazing, and you will wonder why you had not been using these before now.
  3. Octo Lights standard ocean scenes can display any of those mentioned in the first paragraph above.  Dolphins, sharks, tropical fish or any other scene you wish. Each individual panel can display a different scene. You can have your own aquarium on your ceiling – although the fish and dolphins simply look down on you as if they were frozen in time. Your imagination can make them real!
  4. If you prefer sandy beaches with palm trees, flowers, trees or even massive waterfalls looking as though they were about to fall right onto your head then Octo Lights can provide!
  5. Octo Lights custom decorative light covers enable you to display your own photographs from your ceilings or walls. Not just photographs, but images of your children’s own work – drawings, paintings or even their favorite dolls and toys.
  6. What an amazing thing to do for your children – show off their own favorite toys or even their own drawings on the ceilings or walls of their rooms. Their imagination can make them real! They are also perfect subjects for bedtime stories!

Octo Lights decorative light covers offer you all of the options above. All you need do is to have the fluorescent or LED lighting units and diffuser panels fitted to your ceilings or walls. Then select the light cover of your choice from our huge range. We will deliver the light covers along with the easy fitting instructions.

Custom Decorative Light Covers

If you prefer our custom decorative light covers service, then send us your image online and we will print that onto your light cover. You will be able to display anything you wish – your own favorite scenes, photos of old relatives, your children’s artistry and anything else you wish.

Many think that you can only achieve these effects with ceiling lighting.  Not so! You can fit light panels onto any flat surface from ceilings to walls to even the side s of cabinets and desks.  Use your imagination.

Be inventive, and create your own beautiful ceiling scenes, or individual backlit panels on your wells.  They are perfect conversation topics for your dining room. Your visitors will love them – which will make then envious of your artistic knowhow and ingenuity.

Check out Octo Lights decorative light covers with ocean scenes here or Click Here for More Information.

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