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If you need some office lighting ideas to brighten up your commercial premises, then here are some fluorescent lighting tips to help you.  LED and fluorescent lighting is fairly standard for most offices. It usually takes the form of ceiling lighting that is spread evenly over the office by means of diffuser panels that can be decorated with fluorescent light covers.

What Are Diffuser Panels? 

These panels are good for both fluorescent and LED light sources. What they do is to diffuse the bright light from either source, and make it look even across the area of the diffuser panel. They are nothing more than matte plastic covers for your lighting system that scatter the light and spread it evenly across the whole panel. You cannot distinguish the individual fluorescent tubes or LED light sources because the entire area over the panel appears to be equally illuminated.

Let’s not worry ourselves about the physics of it. It works, and you can use that light diffusion to create some wonderful effects on your office ceiling. You have likely seen views of bright clouds and blue skies on some office ceilings. If not, then you haven’t been visiting offices with an original viewpoint on lighting.  While we would never claim that plain white lighting displays a lack of original thought, you will more than likely be impressed with a firm that bucks the trend and goes for something unique.

Decorative fluorescent covers are not unique, and they are not even original. However, by using them on their office ceilings, businesses can convey a message. That message is that they can be trusted not to simply go with the ‘same old’ but are prepared to look out of the box. Look out of the box to something different that could benefit their clients.

Office Fluorescent Lighting Tips on Sending Messages

You may think that your office lighting sends no messages, and how could it! In fact, your office lighting can send many messages, two of which are immediately obvious:

a. It tells visitors that your company CAN think out of the box.  It CAN come up with solutions to your problems               that other firms might not think about.

b. You are not afraid to look different to other companies and take risks that other firms might not.

It’s this type of original thinking that impresses certain clients. It sends a message that you might be able to solve a problem that other companies cannot.

Lighting Ideas for Office Spaces

Let’s forget about the indirect messages for while and consider other ways in which you can use the ceiling space in your offices – or even the wall space! The most obvious of the office lighting ideas we have discussed is to display images of your products on your ceilings. Visitors’ eyes will immediately be drawn to this beautiful ceiling and will immediately notice what it is saying to them.

This is a direct message! That message is up to you. It can simply repeat your company mission statement. It can display your products and how they are used worldwide. I can display ways in which your products are superior to any competition out there.

Let’s face it and state it right out there: you can use your ceilings to advertise or persuade. One of the most productive office ideas would be to advertise your services or product on your office ceilings. Some may laugh at this idea, but those who use it laugh right back at them – particularly if they are competitors. Get out of your box! Look around! Do what your competitors are not doing.

Impact Office Lighting Ideas

Imagine yourself walking into an office building for a meeting and seeing a custom fluorescent light panel on the wall right in front of your eyes. You cannot miss it before you push the swing doors to the side of that panel in order to enter the office proper. You particularly notice it because right above it, lit in brilliant red or electric blue lettering, is your name!

Beneath your name is a personalized welcome for you. Beneath that is a photograph of the company’s top products. To the side of that is other information about these products. Could you genuinely in your heart say that you would ignore that? If you saw your name would you not read the rest? Take in the company’s mission statement or major product lines?

No, you could not – and that is the power of such office lighting ideas. You can only achieve the power of decorative light panels by using them. Not only by using them, but also by understanding people, and how they react to the abnormal. They keep looking!  They look for more – and that is what you must give them!

Fluorescent Lighting Shows Your Business

This is a unique way of lighting your offices and one that needs no maintenance once it has been set up. LED and fluorescent lighting panels are “in your eyes” dramatic! You can use it to pass on whatever message you have. It is one of the most astounding and effective office lighting ideas that have ever been conceived. It works!

Sure, using these office lighting ideas might not get you to #1 immediately, but it will certainly get you known better. This almost certain if you show a video of your office ceiling lighting on YouTube! Viral? Maybe, maybe not. Worth doing? Absolutely certainly!

Show your business in the way you want it to be seen. In a way that cannot be missed. In a way that will have customers and clients falling over themselves to find out more from this amazing company. Use these office lighting ideas and you won’t wait long for queues at your office door!

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