Beach Fluorescent Light Covers

Are you ready to bring the heart-warming holiday spirit home? With our range of beautiful beach decorative fluorescent light covers, you can instantly add an inviting and upbeat feel to any space. Featuring gorgeous high resolution photographs of stunning beaches, it won’t be long before these decorative light covers start turning heads!

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Beach Decorative Fluorescent Light Covers

Here at Octo Lights, we provide top notch beach scene fluorescent light covers that can instantly perk up the ambiance of any space. Manufactured to perfection, our beach decorative fluorescent light covers promise to offer great value for money. Featuring spectacular sandy beaches and calming oceans accompanied with the lush green hues of palm trees and sparkling blues of the clear sky, these decorative light covers offer an invigorating feel like none other!  Perfect for decorating homes without having to break the bank and wonderful additions to office spaces, we promise that investing in a beach fluorescent light diffuser will be money well spent!

Buy a beach decorative diffuser from Octo Lights

As pioneers of the lighting industry, our beach scene fluorescent light covers have been designed to offer optimal performance and a high standard without being too heavy on the pocket. Unlike other suppliers of coastal living décor light panels, we assure that our customers can enjoy immaculate beach decorative fluorescent light covers that are easy to use and long-lasting. That is why we offer the lowest price guarantee for a standard that is bound to give others a run for their money.  We stay true to environment-friendly practices and keep safety as a core concern by offering products that are manufactured using UL-certified and self-extinguishable materials. Any materials that are left over after the manufacturing process are sent away to be recycled.

Benefits of investing in a beach fluorescent light diffuser

Buying this coastal living decor will do wonders for your home and business. Here is how it helps:


  • A beach decorative diffuser will provide an even distribution of light and will make any space appear larger and bright.
  • Beach fluorescent light covers will reduce harsh glare by offering a softer light that is easy on the eyes.
  • Investing in sky beach panels is the perfect way to transform a ceiling into something you’ll love! These sky beach panels look spectacular in office spaces and create an instant refreshing feel.
  • A beach fluorescent light cover can add a modern and unique touch to any space without much effort. Not only are these covers easy to install but they are also low-maintenance.
  • Due to their ability of offering an even distribution of light, you’ll be saving on energy costs in the long run.
  • Whether you purchase beach decorative fluorescent light covers, landscape fluorescent light covers, ocean fluorescent light covers or other themed decorative covers, you’ll be able to give any space an instant makeover that is easy on the pocket.
  • A beach fluorescent light diffuser from Octo Lights is manufactured to the top standards of the lighting industry making it safe and reliable to use.
  • Our beach decorative fluorescent light covers along with our cloud decorative fluorescent light diffuser panels and ocean fluorescent light panels are perfect for use in fast-paced and stress-filled environments like dental clinics and busy offices. Not only do they provide an enjoyable view for visitors but also help increase productivity and relax the mind.
  • Installing decorative light covers is a fool-proof way of bringing out the furniture and other room accents. These light panel covers are a quick and very simple way of creating an aesthetically-pleasing atmosphere.
  • Although we are confident that you’ll love your beach decorative light covers, we are happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee. Return your product back to us within 2 weeks and we’ll swiftly process your refund or exchange.


We've got so many awe-inspiring designs to choose from

Our impressive range of decorative lighting products allows us to enjoy the limelight and stay a step ahead of our competitors. We’ve got a variety of different themed designs to choose from. Whether you fancy an ocean decorative diffuser, landscape fluorescent light covers, tree decorative fluorescent light covers, sky flower panels or astronomy fluorescent light covers, we’ve got them all! All of our designs feature high resolution photographs that offer a true picture!


The light lens material that is used to produce flawless decorative light covers is a front-print, heavyweight, backlit film that offers high quality pigment and dye image quality. We also incorporate the use UV resistant water-based ink that helps reduce our impact on the environment and enables you to enjoy fluorescent light covers that last longer. Not only are our beach scene fluorescent light covers durable and flawless in appearance but they also work efficiently, thereby helping you make the most of your money.


If you’re looking for a unique gift, we’ve got some exciting news for our customers. Discounts will automatically be applied based on the quantity of the products that you’re ordering. You can also create personalized decorative light covers with our range of custom covers. All you have to do is send us a photograph that you love and our team of experts will transform it into a beautiful decorative diffuser or sky decorative panel for your home. Use our simple 3 step form to guide you through the process. Always remember to review your purchase before placing your order.


We keep customers at the heart of our business and strive to provide quality customer service around the clock. Get in touch with us, should you have any inquiries and we’ll get back to you in just a short period of time. In order to make the most of your online fluorescent light cover shopping experience, always make sure that you are aware of the size requirements for your decorative covers. You should also purchase your fluorescent light covers based on the personal preferences and likes of the majority. For instance, while you might be an outer space enthusiast, not everyone will find the outer space fascinating. On the other hand, if you’re installing a beach decorative light diffuser or ocean fluorescent light cover in a dental clinic or office, it is more likely to be loved and appreciated by your guests.

Tips for making the most of your decorative fluorescent light covers:

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Whether you purchase an astronomy decorative diffuser, landscape decorative fluorescent light covers or ocean fluorescent light panels always make sure that you invest in a theme that you’re fond of.

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Decorative light covers look their best when used with white bulbs. Avoid switching up the colors of your fluorescent light bulbs to ensure that you can enjoy the true colors of your fluorescent light covers.

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Use your custom fluorescent light covers and decorative light panels to provide a modern touch to any space. It’s simple and easy on the pocket too.

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Give your guests a treat while they wait. Fluorescent light covers look spectacular in office spaces, medical clinics and dental offices where they can help relieve stress and offer a sense of calmness and positivity.

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Use astronomy kitchen light covers, cloud kitchen fluorescent light covers and many more to instantly add an exciting touch to any ordinary kitchen space.

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Bring the outdoors indoors with our wide range of themed ceiling panel designs. Use sky cloud panels to instantly brighten up the room and provide a sense of openness and calmness.

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Use astronomy drop ceiling light panels in children’s bedrooms and instantly add a fun and creative appeal. Alongside decorating the room, these light panels will also promote a sound sleep.

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Allow color psychology to help you make an informed decision. Hues of yellow relate to cheerfulness and energy, soft blues and whites are for calmness and peace, greens are refreshing and lively and pastel colors are soft on the eyes and evoke openness and relaxation.

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Always check the size of the decorative light covers before placing your order. Not only will it save you from hassle but it will also ensure that you can maximize the efficiency of the light panel covers.

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If for any reason you are not satisfied with your astronomy light diffusers or other decorative light covers, return them back within 2 weeks for a swift refund or exchange. We’ll be happy to offer you a full refund or you can browse our wide range of designs and opt for a different design.