Video Review Upload

Want to win an Octo Lights fluorescent light cover?

We can not wait to see your beautiful faces & light covers. Email the video to [email protected] or upload it below and win!

Everyone who submits a video wins!*

Video Review Rules

  1. You can have someone film the video or film yourself.
  2. You must film in landscape mode.
  3. Tell us how the light cover has positively impacted you or others around you.
  4. Show both yourself on camera and the light cover in use.
  5. There is no time limit, short and simple is preferred.
  6. Once the video is complete, email it to [email protected] or use the up-loader below.

*Videos must meet all requirements to win.

Upload Your Video Review

We will contact you after we review your video. If you have any questions please call 678-383-9145

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