Sky & Cloud Panels for Natural Ceiling Décor In Any Room

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Sky & cloud panels are a natural-looking form of ceiling décor suitable for any room in your home. Before we discuss this further let’s have a look at what sky & cloud panels are and why they can enhance any ceiling. Many people use them, and having installed them would never use any other form of ceiling décor in their home. So, first – what are sky & cloud panels?

What Are Sky & Cloud Panels for Ceiling Decor

Sky & cloud panels are printed sheets of polyester that are fitted above the diffuser panels of a fluorescent or LED lighting system. Most domestic fluorescent or LED room lighting involves the primary light source, below which a framework of diffuser panels are located. These diffuser panels can be loosened and the sky & cloud panels slipped in between the diffuser and the fluorescent tube.

Because the sky & cloud panel is backlit, it is displayed in full color when the light is switched on. Most fluorescent light panels will permit sufficient light to pass through to light up the room. However, if your choice pf design is too dark when illuminated, then there is no real need to replace all the diffuser panels on your ceiling with sky & cloud panels. You can choose just a few, or even 50% coverage. All that matters is that you get the beauty of the panel along with sufficient illumination of the room concerned.

Decorative Light Panels Keep Your Children Amused

That is one reason why sky & cloud panels are so popular for children’s rooms and nurseries. They can offer a dimmer type of light if you prefer, along with interesting views to keep your children amused until they fall asleep. Sky & cloud panels can represent anything from bright blue skies with fluffy white clouds to dark starlit skies displaying the constellations.

Alternatively, use photos of flowers, waterfalls or beach scenes – or use your own photos. Our custom service allows you to send us digital files containing the images you want printed on the decorative light panel. They can be of your child’s favorite toys or cartoon characters, a photo of mom looking down at them or anything else you prefer. Check out our FAQ page for more details of our custom service or click the link at the bottom of this page.

Where Else to Use Sky & Cloud Panels

Sky & Cloud Panels are an excellent way of decorating an office or some other form of commercial premises. They are popular for ceilings in corridors of hospitals and other locations where an interesting view would be distracting and keep visitors minds off their condition.

They are also popular for dining rooms, restaurants or you can even use them in your own hallway. It looks as though your hall opens directly to the sky outside. Mix night and daytime sky scenes with a different light switch for each set. You can then switch between them as it pleases you.

Are Sky & Cloud Panels Expensive?

Sky & cloud panels are not as expensive as you may believe. If you already have fluorescent lighting with diffuser panels fitted, then they are priced at $22.99 – $29.99 depending on sizes. Available sizes in feet are: 2×2, 1×4, and 2×4, although we can produce alternative custom sizes to suit your needs. Check with our Ocotolights Contact Form or call us on (678) 383 9145.

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