Sky & Cloud Panels Offer Restful Views In Hospital Rooms And Wards

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Sky & cloud panels are peaceful and restful to look at, and they can be, and are, used in hospitals to provide a sense of peace to patients who need it. Sky & cloud panels are views of clouds and summer skies, or they can be night scenes with views of planets, stars and galaxies. What they are not, are glaring fluorescent tubes or LED lamps shining down into patients’ eyes when they are lying flat and looking upwards.

Sky & Cloud Panels Day And Night: From Blue Skies To Galaxies

What people in hospital need most are peace and tranquility, and also an environment that enables them to rest quietly. You can go a long way towards achieving this by using sky & cloud panels on the ceiling. All they are is backlit images of night or day sky views showing clearly on the diffuser panels of hospital lighting systems. Doctors and dentists use them for the same reason: they calm people down and offer them a view that projects a natural scene. What better than a light panel showing them a beautiful blue sky decorated with fluffy clouds?

Night-time is also an issue with some patients. Many patients have difficulty sleeping, even with a sleeping pill. Nothing is more soporific than the natural view of a night sky filled with moonlight and twinkling stars. Patients can gaze up on sky & cloud panels and take their minds off their illness. They are asleep before they are aware of it. If they awaken during the night, they might look up and see a night sky scene. Night sky & cloud panels cost no more than traditional daylight sky & cloud panels, but can be just as restful to gaze up on during the night.

Sky & Cloud Panels On Walls

The same can be true of the walls in hospital rooms. That can be made to look larger by installing sky & cloud panels on the walls in addition to the ceilings. Sure, you rarely find fluorescent or LED lighting panels on walls, although there is no reason why not. It’s just as easy to light up a wall as a ceiling – in fact, it’s easier to install. Simply fit a bank of two or three fluorescent light tubes, cover them with a diffuser panel then insert the sky panel between the tubes and the diffuser.

If you don’t have a diffuser, simply install a plain glass sheet and place the sky panel right on the glass, between the lamps and the glass panel. Sky & cloud panels are usually printed onto a thick matte polyester film. This works just as well as a diffuser panel to diffuse the light and provide even lighting over the sky panel and make it look more natural. Since sky & cloud panels are photographs of cloud systems and blue skies, the look very natural with backlighting.

Decorative Light Panels Cost Little

Decorative light panels are available in the common light panel dimensions and prices run from $24.99 to $29.99 so no sky panel will cost more than the highest price there. Is will not be a large item on a hospital budget, even if installed in a number of rooms. If they get a good response, a medium sized hospital should be able to fit sky & cloud panels into most rooms within a year or two. Peaceful rest, which is what sky & cloud panels can provide, is well worth the investment by any hospital.

Sky & cloud panels are also known as light lenses.  Check out our page on light lenses.

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