Types of Fluorescent Light Covers

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It is hard to find products that excel on all fronts, and fluorescent lights are no exception. Though this type of lighting is one of the most energy-efficient and brightest in comparison to its alternatives, many people also complain of its harsh effects on their eyes.

 From a functional point of view, fluorescents are second to none. They are the lighting of choice for all types of commercial buildings, which might be why few homeowners choose to install them in their homes.

Making Fluorescent Lights More Appealing

Fortunately, a fairly new product has come to market, one which beautifies these lights and makes them a much more desirable option. You can purchase fluorescent light covers in most retail stores and online, but they have yet to see the popularity they deserve.

These inexpensive light covers install directly on top the plastic light diffuser to help shield onlookers from harmful UV radiation while at the same time distributing the light source out over a greater area. Not only do they offer obvious safety benefits, but they allow you to minimize the number of lights operating in a particular space, in effect reducing energy costs by a significant amount. You can choose from an array of decorative fluorescent light covers to meet your particular needs.

Which Fluorescent Light Cover Is Right for You?

Reflectors are primarily used as an aesthetic enhancer of sorts as one of the well-known disadvantages of fluorescent lighting is its ugly color. Diffusers, as they are also called, can perhaps be thought of as decorative light panels for ceiling-mounted fixtures. These translucent sheets suspend from the light via a chain, masking its more unappealing parts while preserving its natural glow.

Light boxes are another alternative that are now considered retro because they were very popular during the ’80s. They acted as a multi-directional diffuser, forcing the light to shine in various directions.

If you are searching for a more temporary type of cover for fluorescent lights or you prefer your lights to have an artistic flair, rice paper light covers are a solid choice. Due the fragility of the material, care must be taken when handling these covers. The versatility of rice paper is its biggest selling point.

Lastly, soffits have become increasingly popular and are used to blend fluorescent lights into walls and ceilings. Comprised of either wood, plastic or metal, these covers are great for blending your home’s contemporary lighting with its color scheme.

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