Some Unique Uses for Decorative Light Covers or Light Lenses

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Decorative light covers can be used in many ways. Fluorescent tubes and LED lamps emit a very bright, intense light that can damage the eyes. This is particularly true for young children. In order to reduce this potential damage such domestic lighting systems are often fitted with diffuser panels. These are frosted glass or plastic panels that diffuse the light to create a more level form of lighting.

Also known as light lenses, decorative light covers are transparent or translucent printed polyester sheets that are placed over the top side of these diffuser panels. Their function is to convert the bland white light into beautiful scenery to make your ceiling look more interesting, and create conversation pieces that your guests will never forget.

Installing Decorative Light Covers

They are easy to install: Unscrew the tabs that hold the covers to the ceiling. They swing down from one side, or have to be removed to access their upper side. You might need a screwdriver or they may be fixed with tabs you twist aside. Now simply slip the decorative light cover, or light lens, onto the top of the diffuser panel and replace.

In most cases, this is so easy that you can change the light lenses frequently, to provide a different lighting effect every day – or just when visitors are expected. They will see a different view each time they visit and think you are amazing! Here are some unique uses for them that many will not have thought of.

Dining Room Wall Decoration

There is no reason why fluorescent light panels are only fitted to ceilings. OK, so you don’t normally fit LED or fluorescent lighting to your walls, but why not? If you do, then you can use decorative fluorescent light lenses as a unique form of wall décor. A bank of waterfalls on a wall in your dining room will have your dinner party ducking when they first walk in – they are so realistic!

All Octo Light panels are realistic-looking when backlit with standard fluorescent or LED lamps. At first glance, you can almost believe they are genuine waterfalls about to fall on you. Alternatively, use a sky panel, with a view of the daytime or night sky. Your guests will initially think they are windows looking out and up into the heavens.

Children’s Bedrooms

How would your young daughter feel with images of Elsa and Anna looking down at them from their ceiling, while also lighting up their bedroom? That could keep them quiet. You could tell them a quick made up ‘Frozen’ story and then ask them to think of what Elsa or Anna is saying about it. She will be asleep before you know it. Or maybe they prefer Shrek and Princess Fiona.

These are not in the Octo Light standard range, but send us the photos you want in digital format such as jpeg (jpg) and we will create the light lenses for you. Some kids will be satisfied with one of standard galaxy images, particularly if you ask them to imagine a story using that galaxy and then telling it to you next day. That might work for children that are hard to get asleep at nights.

Light Lenses in Dental Surgeries

Decorative fluorescent light lenses are popular for dental surgeries. Rather than just having to stare at a bland ceiling, or even a bright light, you can use light lenses with your LED or fluorescent lamps. They are easy to install and you can use our standard images or your own. Any photograph in a standard image format can be converted into a decorative light cover, sky panel or light lens.

You can use the above ideas for kids and something different for adults. By using the two different ideas on different lighting circuits, you can illuminate whichever set of light lenses or sky & cloud panels are appropriate. Restful beaches or ocean scenes, or views of orchids and other plants can take up half your ceiling, and the other half with scenes that would amuse and entertain children. You don’t need any light yourself but that you are shining into the patient’s mouth!

Other Unique Ideas for Decorative Light Covers

In order to avoid confusion, light lenses and decorative light covers are different terms for the same thing. Images are created by shining light through a printed cover that is placed on top of a light diffuser panel. When you look up to your ceiling (or wall!) you see a brightly lit image – or less brightly lit for a view of the night sky and its constellations.

You can use these in school to explain the various constellations, or to provide a graphical example of nebulae, disc galaxies or supernovae. Show a large waterfall in your toilet – that might help some with difficulties better than running a tap! We are sure you can think of many other unique uses for decorative light covers yourself. They are so easy to install that you can change them frequently – even daily!

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