Using Fluorescent Light Covers Has Its Benefits

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Fluorescent Light Covers & Health Studies

Many reports, much research and a number of studies have all indicated that there are several negative health effects that are directly attributed to exposure to unfiltered fluorescent light. As such, it is important to understand some of the problems that can be attributed to direct exposure to fluorescent light for extended periods of time. For example, a common complaint associated with continued exposure to unfiltered fluorescent light is that of eyestrain.

Soften And Diffuse Florescent Light

Persistent or chronic eyestrain can have serious consequences in terms of pain and long-term eye problems. It can interfere with productivity and cause an interruption in sleep cycles as well as produce general discomfort. In short, fluorescent light that is unfiltered can ultimately cause eyestrain. That is why it is always recommended to filter fluorescent lighting with some type of high quality lens or panel. Replacement fluorescent light panels have proven effective at reducing the negative effects associated with fluorescent lighting. These sky & cloud panels or recessed fluorescent light covers effectively soften and diffuse florescent lighting.

Serious And Persistent Headaches

Decorative recessed light covers are affordable, easy to install and simple to maintain. Along with eyestrain, extended exposure to fluorescent lighting can also cause serious and persistent headaches. More severe headaches known as migraine headaches can also be directly attributed to excessive exposure to unfiltered fluorescent lighting. Along with these two main negative health effects of fluorescent lighting there are many other less common and less known effects that should be considered. This includes everything from difficulty with sleeping to seasonal disorder or depression. Stress and anxiety as well as a disruption of the female menstrual cycle, while rare, have also been reported.

Getting Out In The Natural Sunlight

In some cases even obesity and serious bouts of depression can result from excessive exposure to fluorescent lighting that has not been properly filtered. Along with filtering fluorescents it is also important to consider a few other useful strategies for reducing the negative effects of this type of lighting. For example, taking frequent breaks and getting out into natural sunlight more often can help alleviate any negative health effects of unfiltered fluorescent light. While these are effective ways of dealing with the problems associated with fluorescent lighting, filtering fluorescent lighting through sky & cloud panels is typically the easiest and most convenient option.

Enjoy A Better Quality Of Life

Decorative recessed light covers or fluorescent light panels diffuse and soften fluorescent light, thereby reducing negative health effects. This is an important consideration for homeowners and especially for those who operate large businesses with many workers who are routinely exposed to this type of lighting. In fact, many businesses have found that by installing some type of fluorescent light filter that productivity actually improves. Consider these simple and important aspects of fluorescent lighting as a way to enjoy a better quality of life. Contact Octo Lights today to learn more about fluorescent light filters that are affordable, reliable, long lasting and easy to maintain.

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I am interested in purchasing some (4-5, maybe 6) for my classroom, but I need to look into the price for shipping. (My school is very small and we have to watch our pennies.) Are there any coupon codes out there that may also be used? Lastly, I am most interested in the astronomy covers, but wonder if they cut out much of the light? Thank you so much for all of this information!

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