Why LED Lighting Has Become So Popular

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LED lighting has finally arrived! The technology is hot, and the price is not! At least not any more. To understand the surge in popularity for LED lighting you must understand its use, and what benefits it offers compared to other types of lighting.

The mechanics of how LED lights work is totally unique compared to that of the light bulb. Believe it or not, LEDs are surprisingly simple, and well constructed. Purposefully designed to be versatile, the diodes are built from flexible material, which allows them to be configured into practically any design, or pattern. A small semiconductor can also be manipulated to provide different colors.

LED lights are basically small electrical diodes that emit a soft, gently diffused light. When electricity flows through an individual diode the atoms become excited and build up energy. This energy then begins to jump, or overflow into adjoining receptors. The power is then released as light as atoms begin to share the excess electrons with other material inside the semi-conductor.
Up to now LED technology has been too expensive to be considered a viable replacement for cost efficient lighting, but recent advances has brought down the price, and made way for the other advantages to take center stage. Here is a list of benefits offered by LED lighting:

  • Brighter, more controllable lighting.
  • Increased energy efficiency.
  • Requires far less wattage than standard HID, CFL, and Incandescent lights.
  • Produces less heat
  • Unlike bulbs, which use filaments, LEDs will last thousands of hours.

So, why are LED lights becoming all the rage? They are turning up everywhere from car headlamps to city streetlights. It helps that recent advances have reduced costs to within competitive ranges of the competition. The colors LEDs are available in have expanded quickly, and the available light they produce has increased dramatically.

Recently, LED lights have become the go-to light source for all types of products. Another factor that pleases consumers is that the U.S. Department Energy has stated that LED technology has far surpassed other lighting options when it comes to saving energy, and improving on lowering energy costs.

 Yes, just as the simple days of lighting a candle, or oil lamp are surely a thing of the past, so too, are filament style bulbs destined to fall into oblivion, as even more cost efficient, energy saving options become available in lighting are introduced. The manufacturers of BMW are already experimenting with laser light technology in their cars!

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I like what you said about LED lights being able to provide brighter and more controlled lighting, as well as increased energy efficiency. I would love to be able to have lights installed in my home that are more energy efficient, since I am working on going green. I will make sure that all the lights in my home are LEDs, thanks for the article!

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